Pro CONSOLE Software

CONSOLE® is a Windows application for configuring CONVERGE Pro 2 DSP units and CP2 peripheral devices. This is used mainly by system integrators during project installation or for maintenance and troubleshooting.This software is also used to configure CONVERGE Huddle product.

Simple, streamlined software makes it easy to configure CONVERGE Pro 2 devices and peripherals.

ClearOne DSP Mixer configuration and control from one central location.

Key Highlights

  • Easy to use, with its rich, visually oriented user-experience, Pro CONSOLE is the only software you need to configure CP2 and related products.
  • Add devices in to a room, name rooms, divide and combine rooms as needed, and allocate and configure required resources.
  • Similar resources can be grouped and named for quick and efficient configuration and maintenance.
  • Guided work-flow for easy and fast configuration. Wizard and recorder for Macro creation to automate tasks.
  • MatrixView showing an input/output matrix with options for expanded or filtered view, and FlowView providing audio signal paths visualization. Both views automatically synchronized.
  • Automatically discovers CP2 devices and connected peripherals, letting you easy locate and configure devices.
  • Offline mode for configuring projects and online mode for making live changes.
  • Log viewing tool for debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Option to check for latest upgrades and download software and firm ware releases and documentation updates.

Key features

  • MatrixView
  • FlowView
  • Room & partition management
  • Audio resource allocation
  • Channel naming
  • Macros

Key features

  • Timers
  • Gating groups
  • GPIO Input triggers & output pin actions
  • Log viewer
  • Touch Panel Controller Updater

Resource Library

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